B01A 0,7-3Bar Prosestat


B01A 0,7-3Bar Prosestat

General features

  • Elements in contact with the fluid are in stainless steel, laser welded.
  • Base, cover and knob in V0 self-extinguishing, shockproof thermoplastic material.
  • Output connections with PVC cable gland.
  • Maximum temperature of the controlled fluid: 120 °C.
  • Pressure switch body admissible temperature: -35 ÷ 80°C.
  • Storage and transport temperature: -35 ÷ 80°C.
  • Unit weight: 0.15 Kg.



  • G1/2 cable gland in V0 self-exting, code: 303298LA

Electric features

  • Nominal insulation tension Ui 380V~
  • Continuous duty nominal current Ith 15A

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